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Thread: So you find that your spurs need polishing???

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    So you find that your spurs need polishing???

    What I mean there is that though you dont ride so much anymore, you aren't ready to just hang up those spurs and quit all BMWMOA. For me, like most of you diehards that have found yourself at National after National and now find yourself NOT. Does it matter any more? Does your faithful steed sit gathering dust and you KNOW better than to just start it and let it idle awhile; but hate that it just sits there and even more.....YOU JUST SIT THERE....HATE THAT YOU JUST SIT THERE....

    So what are you doing instead? For me, I will never just quit riding SOMETHING as an activity. Nor will I ever just WALK AWAY FROM the BMWMOA!!! I have over the past years led to many people in BMWMOA activities, participated in those activities, and helped decide what those activities are. NOT gonna EVER STOP CARING ABOUT THE BMWMOA!!!!

    That said, I have come to the age that I can easily still care about what the BMWMOA does and the road it goes down by participating here, letters, phone calls, and talking with the leadership. What I do about riding and staying active MATTERS though. For me, I am blessed, yes, God blesses me with my land and the chores to keep all going smoothly here on my farm.

    Keeping the stove supplied with wood from my acres of oak and hickory, culling the goats down to a manageable few, keeping the Anatolian Shepherd livestock guard dogs happy and in their pastures, and OHHH THE GREATEST CHORE OF ALL......RIDING, training, and LOVING my new favorite ride....guess.....

    So what are you doing now that your spurs need some polishing????????
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    Ride on Dennis. You are a blessed man. Thanks for sharing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DennisDarrow View Post
    So what are you doing now that your spurs need some polishing????????
    Great post Dennis. Thanks a lot for something good to think about this morning.

    As for me, I find myself riding less and less each year, but spending more and more time trying to avoid becoming a complete curmudgeon. If I spend MORE time with my wife and a select few happy positive friends, and LESS time with the news media, social media, and some of my aging friends who mostly have negative outlook on life, I believe I am aging gracefully.

    Good luck.
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