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    where I've been

    New to posting but here goes:
    Amtrak has Auto train from Lorton Va. to Florida which I loaded my bike on to get to the start. Riding F700GS.
    Traveled down thru East Florida and across the Key to Key West and back. (3 months after the last hurricane-a sad mess) but the riding was no less incredible.
    Came up around the Gulf Coast and out to Pensacola Where I visited an old army buddy. Had not been by Eglin since Ranger school.(1981)
    Traveled Interstate back to Virginia. 6 days on the road. Fell for BMW with the 700 and now ride R1200GS and asking for help planning a long adventure across Canada from east coast returning thru Northern States. 8-22-18 back to Va. NLT 10-15-18
    Have ordered road atlas of Canada and a book called "Touring Bible", Adding clearwater auxillary lighting-in process, Installing new Tires, Avon Trail Riders AV54 70/30 radials, comments welcome?, Really appreciate shared experience as this is new territory.

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    Welcome to the forum!
    We don't hear much (any?) of Members shipping their bikes by train.......sounds like a good idea. I'l bet the Members would be interested in hearing more in the logistics, costs and comfort involved with shipping via train.
    Thanks for your service.
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    amtrak auto train

    Amtrak auto train is used to get your car/bike from the dc area to northern florida. Cost starts around $300.00 one way for you and your vehicle. Includes dinner and takes about 18 hours. Not bad. Next time I will upgrade to a sleeper which may double the cost. Show up in lorton at the loading dock about 2 hrs. early - nice - comfortable facility and load your vehicle / pretty simple. Nice facility in Florida - 1 to 2 hour wait for offload- pretty simple and off you go. I not someone who finds ventures like this ie. coordination to be particularly easy but this was. I recommend Auto train and a ride around Florida to include out and back to Key West. Happy Trails
    Thanks for the welcome. P.S. was riding F700GS- great bike!

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