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Thread: Basic /2 Questions

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    Basic /2 Questions

    I am working on a '67 R60/2. I have no manual and have some questions. There are rotary switches on each end of the handle bars. I am guessing that the one on the RH side is for the turn signals? And the center push button is for the horn? What is the LH side switch for? I put a new 6v battery in today and I have a red light. I assume this is the generator light? Finally, what are the switch functions of the ignition switch? I found that with the "key" pulled part way out and the battery wired in, the red light is on and goes out when the key is pulled out.

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    Get an owner's and shop manual if you are to own a bike model

    On the right are left and right turn signal with horn in the middle...……….

    On the left are high beam and and high beam "horn"...……..

    All the way down with the "nail" is ignition on with left or right controlling lights...……

    Have you cleaned the slinger?

    Get the rear tire out??

    Good luck

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    Jeff Dean has an owner's manual for a 1966 bike on his website:

    My R69S is a '69 model so it has the latest version of controls. There were "bat wing" switches up to a point and then they changed to a lever switch on the left side. I'm pretty sure the functionality is the same...just the motions are different.

    Yes, red light should be the generator light and you'll see that prior to engine should go out once the bike is running. Note that these bikes with the magneto system don't need a battery to run. The battery is strictly a "holding vessel" for power to the lights once the RPM gets too low to provide sufficient generator output.

    The red light should not come on until the key is pushed fully home. Part way out, there should be no lights. And get in the habit of slightly pushing/pulling on the key/nail. Don't slam it home with the heel of your hand. I'd also put a small amount of oil on the spike of the key...not dripping or anything, just enough to make it slick. This will help with the sliding in and out.

    Let us know if you need any more info.

    And check out the PDF listings I have /2 VIN numbers, etc. I've been keeping loose records for model year, build date, and delivery when I run across them. I haven't updated the files in a while, but it might give you some idea of when the bike was built.
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    Thanks, guys. This is enough info to get me started. This bike will not be a keeper; plan to get the electricals in order, verify that it runs (ran when I got it) and sell it.

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