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Thread: Aligning rubber gearbox mounts 1998 BMW K1200RS

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    Aligning rubber gearbox mounts 1998 BMW K1200RS

    I'm putting in a used gearbox and it doesn't have those big rubber mounts at the top so I have to use the ones from the old gearbox. My manual makes a big deal out of aligning those things correctly. How important is it to get it perfect?

    Left-hand Rubber Mount:
    The repair manual says to make a template shaped like an L. I don't understand the numbers on the template. Are the 17, 93 and 50 centimeters? What does the "ca 40" mean? And the "+0,1" ? What does the "t>10mm" mean? Can I make this out of wood? How exact does it have to be? Can I just hold something flush on the back of the mount and push the rubber mount in until it hits that?

    Right-hand Rubber Mount:
    This part is very confusing in my manual.
    1) Do I install the gearbox first THEN torque the two pinch bolts for the right rubber mount?
    2) Is the "Right-hand bearing bushing" the same thing as the "Right hand rubber mount" or is that a different part?
    3) The manual says to "Screw the lift/right engine mountings to the cross-member." What does that mean?
    4) Is it true these tightening torques are only 9 Nm?

    Thanks for your help!

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    Also, what does "Lifting the frame" mean? I read that part of the manual and I can't figure out what it's supposed to accomplish. Does it mean raising the SUB frame? Does it mean I pivot the subframe up to give myself room to work on the gearbox?

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    Does anyone know a forum where I can find this information?

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