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Thread: ‘94 K75 got quieter

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    ‘94 K75 got quieter

    My new to me K75 would make a sound, almost like whistling or a whining sound. I changed the engine oil, trans oil and final drive oil. I used Shell Advance full synthetic in the engine. Synth 90w in the final drive and 75w90 in the trans.
    Oil in the engine was in good shape. The trans and final had a black moly type oil. After the oil changes there is no whining sound from the engine. It’s quieter. I assume it was the oil change, but I don’t know how.

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    They call them K-whiners for a reason. Every brick K I've seen that didn't whine was broken.

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    Just got done listening to one of the Chasing the Horizon podcasts where they had a gentleman from Castrol on the show talking about oil. He noted you can't tell the condition of the oil without a true oil analysis (even if it looks honey-colored). Do you know the history of the bike and its maintenance? Ie. what brand and viscosity the previous owner used? Just thinking they may have used a different weight than what's recommended.
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    What came out was like graphite oil. Lumpy like a milk shake. Very dark grey. No burned smell though. Like a heavy moly oil.

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