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Thread: Off Road Training Bill Dragoo D.A.R.T.

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    Off Road Training Bill Dragoo D.A.R.T.

    I want to express my thankfulness and extreme satisfaction with the Off Road Training that was given to us at the BMW MOA National Rally in Des Moines. Bill Dragoo and his D.A.R.T. team do a great job of training beginning to intermediate off road techniques. The BMW MOA staff went above and beyond with hydration and care of individuals during the heat indexes of over 105 degrees Fahrenheit. I would highly recommend D.A.R.T. for improving your off road riding skills. I know they would have training for more advanced riders, just contract them.
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    Satisfied and Want More

    Bill and his team gave me confidence to try techniques and situations that I thought I would never try, let alone accomplish them. I also found out that the f800GS is a lot more capable than I am. LOL
    Participating in this training has me itching to do more.
    I certainly hope the BMWMOA is going to try to offer more training in the future at the RALLY. Please continue these training opportunities.

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    And remember these events are funded in large part by your MOA Foundation. The Foundation has worked very hard in recent months to expand the types of training it supports. This is one example of those efforts. Additionally there is the Paul B Scholarship program and the GEARS training program. be sure to check out the MOA Foundation and support the mission and programs!
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    I'll Drink To That (preferably a gallon or two of water and Gatorade)

    I was in the Thursday afternoon group. Bill and company did a fantastic job, especially considering the absolutely brutal heat and humidity. Even though I had some dirt experience (AMA enduro and an early ADV ride to the Moab area), it was nearly 40 years ago, so I went with the "beginner" group. I was impressed at how the course both challenged me and made me feel safe enough to try things I wouldn't attempt on my own. I vaguely remembered how to do things like "enduro steering" (standing on pegs and steering by shifting body weight) and counter-leaning, but the last time I practiced these things I was on a lightweight dirt bike, not a 500-pound GS!

    The heat got to me (along with a couple others) by about the two-thirds point of the day, so I ended up just watching the second part of the class, which focused on hills. I was impressed with how our trainer carefully explained the theory of things like getting started on steep hills and "hill fail recovery" (turning around when you find the steep uphill trail is blocked), and then worked one-on-one with people to put the theory into practice. Makes me want to come back another time and finish the course.

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