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Thread: 2000 R1100rt has no spark

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    2000 R1100rt has no spark

    I left my 2000 model R1100rt running on the center stand too long and it quit. Now it won't start. It cranks and there is gas. I pulled a plug and it isn't sparking when cranked. The battery is fully charged. All switches are in correct position. The bike has 135,000+ miles. I bought it new. Any ideas? Also, I have an appointment at the dealer next week. Are they likely to say the computer is fried and ,if so, What is the fair cost.

    If anyone has any the the answers I would sure appreciate it. buz4260

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    Noticed your other thread on subject as well. I will move and combine this one to Oilheads shortly to get you more responses.
    Sorry about the issue

    A common issue on those models is a faulty wire harness to the HES under alternator cover. A severe overheat doesn't help the already suspect wiring. That goes and no spark condition appears
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