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Do not remember which of the ladies from the Lebanon Fair Assn I was talking to nor how subject came up, but I remember the story. Dog barking at front door she opened front door and the copperhead the dog was barking at quickly slithers in and into hall closet ( her words .. copperheads can move very quickly) nonplussed she shut closet door behind snake. Thinking a bit she got her vacuum sweeper ( brand new vacuum sweeper) opened door and when snake stuck his or her little head up, slurp up it goes into the sweeper. When I asked what she did next she said she took sweeper outside left it for her husband who was not at home at the time. I asked if she got a new sweeper, ( because I was thinking 12 gauge ) she said no husband just dumped snake out and properly disposed of it. She said if it had been outside no problem ( again I am thinking 12 gauge) just take a shovel or hoe and remove itís head.
So I guess next year in my camping equipment I will have a shovel or trenching tool with me.
Though poisonous, Copperheads are pretty mellow. While on active duty I found myself sharing turf with them several times. We'd just use our rifle barrels to scoop them up and relocate them. Water Moccasins on the other hand were aggressive and just bad news. They were the hornets of the reptile world, and I remember many a combat-hardened Marine fleeing in abject terror as a hissing moccasin chased him through the forest!