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Thread: Hotel options for MOA Rally 2019

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    Hotel options for MOA Rally 2019

    Since the 2019 Rally is in the state directly south of me, I went ahead and tried making hotel reservations in Lebanon. Now I appreciate the folks who choose to camp, but after 30+ years in the military I've had my fill of tents. Plus my Mrs will be joining me for the first time at the 2019 Rally on her first BMW. A (new to her) F800GT! Her idea of "roughing it" is using the hotel's hair dryer! But I'm fine with that too!

    Hotels in and around the Rally site are already filling up. If you intend to stay in a hotel, I'd suggest you make a reservation now. You can always cancel it later if needed or give it to a fellow MOA'er. I booked in the Econolodge that's about 10 minutes from the Rally site and they we're almost filled up as of earlier today.

    I applaud the MOA BoD for moving the Rally dates to June. It can't be any hotter than July already is, and it opens the door for more Southern areas to host a Rally.

    See you all in Lebanon!

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    2019 hotel room booked

    I booked the Hampton Inn for a week. Due to work, I've missed the last 3 years, so looking forward to next year. Also bringing a friend with me; this will be his first rally!
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