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    While attending the MotoAmerica motorcycle road races at VIR this past May, Paul & I had a unique experience to say the least, and has resulted in us never wanting to go back to VIR. Not only did we have something stolen from our bikes, but were treated like yesterdays garbage by the VIR Security. We do take responsibility for being negligent, but this was a strange experience for us. We have attended many road races throughout the years, in all parts of the country and NEVER had anything bothered on our bikes. The crowd that attends these events are about as good as it gets, and most are just honest folks who enjoy motorcycle racing. We always park our bikes in the area designated for motorcycles, lock our gear & any valuables inside my Jesse Bags, with the exception of our helmets. We both wear HJC mid price range helmets, which are well worn and just not worth being anal about. We also have Sena Intercoms attached to said helmets. Between races I went to the restroom, Paul decided to walk over to our bikes to get something and noticed my Sena was missing. He walked a few yards past the bikes, just looking around, and noticed a "suspicious" guy standing by his bike. The guy looked to his left then right and then reached up & took his Sena! Paul shouted at him (something about him being a SOB), ran up to the guy and grabbed the Sena out of his hand, and immediately called for Security. Security called the police, they "investigated the incident", found that the guy had no previous arrest, and then left. VIR Security then promptly LET THE SCUM BAG GO! Knowing he took one Sena for sure & very likely the other. So now is when it gets strange, because now, we keep running into the Scum Bag & his girlfriend everytime we turn a corner. To say the least, we are both pretty Pi$$ed off about the whole incident and know he has either hidden my Sena or thrown it in a nearby trash can so as not to be caught with it. Long story short, some "threatening comments" were made about the thiefs well being and Security promptly tell us we have to leave for making threats!!! Obviously, Mississippi justice is a little different than Virginias, and just to be clear, they weren't threats but a promise if we got the chance. BTW, the thief was riding a lime green cruiser, and they both had half helmets with mohawks attached, and a NC license plate that read "Plain Crazy". The thief and his girlfriend were unclean & sleezey looking, and not the typical "race fan". After we were told that WE WOULD HAVE TO LEAVE, I actually convinced the Security guard that we would "back off", but we were so angry that we left shortly after. Now to add insult to injury, The POS Scumbag thief & his girlfriend were there bright & early the next morning for the Sunday races!!! We left, as it was just more than we could take, and we don't plan to go back to VIR. Yes, we contacted everyone who was anyone of importance at VIR, and was offered a FREE T-SHIRT!!! (We declined the offer). Lesson learned...we now put covers over our bikes while at the races, along with locking our valuables as we did before . We personally know several of the racers & they were concerned about the way we were treated, due to us being very supportive of MotoAmerica. They also told us we could use their areas to keep our gear if needed! Nice guys, and certainly no reflection on MotoAmerica.
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    Here in Mass, a place where fun goes to die, we just lost another Police Officer (2nd in 3 months), to a scumbag being basically being “released” due a “scumbag friendly” system.
    It seems that the criminal element has the “upper” hand.
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    Reading this I think of Larry Weaver, a local to me retired guy that liked to ride. Caught some deadbeats stealing his bike, rode t.he trailer to try to get it back. The story is on advrider, but in the must be a member JoMomma directory. Short story the thieves beat him to death and left him. Their trial is this week, hoping for life sentences since death penalty has endless appeals.

    Glad you had a ok outcome,

    A pox on security.


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    Sad to hear Gail.
    Kevin Huddy
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    That's not cool and y'all get the boot?...

    Kharma has a way, but sometimes you won't get to enjoy it. The opioid/meth elephant in the room in our general population has a lot more sketchy addicts and scummos ripping stuff boldly and in all sorts of public events.
    Saw quite a big change last week in formerly low key towns we have crossed in several states for years with a lot more Slim and SkinnySue Shady's lurking. Had a few approach our bikes in places where a gas-n-go was prudent. Used to stop and chat about the ride for a few.

    That still sucks Gail
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