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Thread: Scenic route From Detroit to Barber Museum?

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    Exclamation Scenic route From Detroit to Barber Museum?

    Where else in the world can you see 900+ mint-condition motorcycles on exhibit at one time? Nowhere. The Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum is recognized by Guinness World Records as the world’s largest motorcycle collection. With over 1,600 motorcycles spanning over 100 years of production, the Barber collection represents 200 different manufacturers from 20 countries from as far away as Australia, New Zealand, and Sweden. Showcasing the unique design of each individual piece, this epic display reveals the fine art of the motorcycle. But that’s not all. The museum also features the world’s most extensive collection of Lotus cars, plus an assortment of rare, celebrated cars.

    Can anyone recommend the best scenic route From Detroit to Barber Museum? (*Hopefully, a nice route that passes through Ashville NC on the way back to Detroit) — Thank you.

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    Barber should be visited in October.

    I think the first question is when? October 5-7 is the 14th Barber Vintage Festival.

    The second question answer of how to get there can be found on the first page link titled Getting There.

    If you do the festival bring your walking shoes, do the museum, do the swap meet, do the displays, absolutely do the race pits.

    By attending the festival your 1,600 bikes grow to something probably five times that.

    Doing everything is a huge one day or a better two day.

    Lastly, if you see a Jim n Nicks BBQ - don't be riding by it.

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    If you want to keep it scenic & simple, go west (from Detroit) to US231 and head south. Beautiful road, light traffic, and no large cities. When you enter AL, you have two choices: (1) when you near Cleveland, AL, take AL79 South to Birmingham/I-20. Take I20 east to Exit 140/US78. Barber's is just west of the Bass Pro that's at the intersection of I-20/US78/Rex Lake Rd. (2) stay on US231 to US411 (Asheville, AL). Follow US411 SE to Leeds, AL. In Leeds, take US78 West through Leeds to Rex Lake Rd. Turn left on Rex Lake Rd. Barber's is just west of Bass Pro.

    Others may have different suggestions for a route, but the route(s) listed above have been tried/tested personally, and I find them to be a lot of fun! (And I'll second the suggestion to come in October (5-7 this year) for the Barber Vintage Festival. This year's grand marshall is Colin Seeley.

    Hope to see you at Barber's this fall!
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    Secenic route

    To see everything you don't want to see I94 to Gary than I65 to Birmingham,

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    This ought to keep you busy....

    Quote Originally Posted by Moe13 View Post
    Can anyone recommend the best scenic route From Detroit to Barber Museum? (*Hopefully, a nice route that passes through Ashville NC on the way back to Detroit) — Thank you.
    Here is a nice route from Barber to Asheville... I am assuming you're a pavement only rider so *I think* these roads are all paved. Let me know if you're not.

    Go soothingly through the grease mud, as there lurks the skid demon.
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    Sammy Miller Museum

    Not sure how many bikes Sammy has but it took me hours to see them all and names I'd never heard of before. And every bike is a runner. Easy to get there from Detroit. Just go to the airport.

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