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Thread: Attendance 4,580

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    We had an absolute great time.

    The rally site was spectacularly awesome, if a little too spread out. But I pulled a registration duty on Friday morning and had many ask me about shady camping. I said if you can't find a shady spot to camp you aren't trying. Airhead central was, as usual the place to be but I'm biased. Yes, it was hot. As a nothern New Englander, I was happy I didn't have to shovel!! We still found comfortable spaces and places and the music venue was 100% top notch and a perfect place to set up the Kermit and enjoy a drink and a cigar and listen to some tunes. We found some great riding on Saturday and those who complain that Iowa is flat and corn obviously get their data from the internet where everything is true.

    Mid westerner's again distinguished themselves as a breed apart. Kind, generous, friendly.

    We're so happy we went. The friends we made, the sights we saw. It was great.

    We did venture to Tennessee after the rally and did Memphis and Nashville. We also rode some roads around Lebanon. If you go next year, you won't be sorry. Trust me.

    I wish the June dates worked with our schedules but they don't. At least until 2022 when the rally will be in the eastern zone and I'll hopefully be able to take time off in June. My wife is a teacher sooooo......

    4580 in attendance. If you didn't go, you missed a great time.
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    A great Rally

    What a great rally was Des Moines. The cooling areas. (Exhibition hall & Beer Garden) were large & cool. Wifi at both locations was a real plus. The walk between these venues balanced nicely with the heat so as to make arrival just in time before the heat got oppressive. We had little to no wait at the showers (a usual gripe of mine) the entertainment was very good as well. The beer selection by Mr Maddog was outstanding.
    The closing Ceremonies were pleasant & entertaining. We were tardy picking up some batteries from the charging station. Several MOA officials made considerable effort helping us locate them, Thanks!

    Bloomsburg was as Paul G. Said. A tired worn out place. Trying to cool oneself in the buildings was a waste of time since they weren’t cool at all. I found camping space to be minimal at best.

    Don’t forget after baking in the grandstand, flame throwing cars were provided as “entertainment” before what seemed to be too many long winded speeches. Since that time the closing ceremonies have been turned into a fast paced well planned positive bit of entertainment.
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