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Thread: 2012 R 1200 RT will not idle, sometimes...

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    2012 R 1200 RT will not idle, sometimes...

    I had to cut my Des Moines rally trip short because my bike would not idle. Last month, as I was taking my bike in for it's 36,000 service, the bike would die at stop lights, i.e. when the throttle dropped to idle. I mentioned this to the tech, but didn't see any mention of it on my bill. I rode the bike a couple of times after the service call with no problems.

    However, yesterday afternoon, on my way from the rally to my hotel, the bike again stopped running at traffic lights, but I made it to the hotel. About 6 AM, this morning, I checked to see if the bike would idle; it did not. It'd run if the throttle was held above 2000 rpm. And, it would also start.

    Of course, after a 146 mile tow to my dealer, it started and idled fine for the technician.
    Any ideas?


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    First thing that comes to mind is that the stepper motors on the throttle bodies aren't re-calibrating themselves at key on. Maybe the computer needs more time to boot up, before hitting the starter button?

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    Check the throttle BOdy Vacuum Caps

    I had a replacement throttle body cap fall off the nipple on the left throttle body. Exactly the same engine behavior. Reach up and around with your hand to make sure both are well seated. I was lucky. Sorry about your trip. Good Luck.
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    My 2012 RT has been doing that for the last 10-15k. Go to dealer and everything is fine. New fuel pump didn't help. Cleaned the top end with magic cleaner and compressed air didn't help.

    I just did a complete tune up even put some dielectric grease on the stepper motor connectors.

    Wife and I did a 3 day trip instead of Iowa. First day the bike ran great. Over half of second day also. The rest of the trip was bad.
    It seems to start acting up after long nonstop runs. It won't idle and bucks like a horse for about 5 miles then it cleans out and runs great.
    Everytime it does it I have to slip the crap out of the clutch to get going then it slaps the crap out of the driveline until it clears up.
    The only good thing is I nursed it to the dealer yesterday. I did a long nonstop to get there and it was running bad when we got there. The tech got to see and hear acting up.
    He checked all the coils all ok. He said that the stepper motors wouldn't cause it. He is thinking can position sensor.

    I will let you know what he finds out. Will you do the same.

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    Just a thought - when it's running bad - try opening the gas filler. See if anything changes. A plugged fuel tank vent might be the problem..
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    Mine did that today
    It never happened before
    I was leaving for a ride. The bike started fine. when I got to the first stop sign, the bike would not idle and died unless I was giving it some gas.
    I turned around and when I got home a few minutes later, It was idling a bit erratically but would not stop.
    I did some running around and after half an hour everything came back to normal.
    I ended up doing a 250km ride with no issue. The bike ran like usual.

    Note: My bike has been sitting on my lift for a week. I had to change my rear brake pads, the front turn signal and the air filter.
    Maybe it had to get used to the new air filter...(OEM)
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    Quote Originally Posted by deilenberger View Post
    Just a thought - when it's running bad - try opening the gas filler. See if anything changes. A plugged fuel tank vent might be the problem..
    Mine had a plugged vent line, opening the fuel cap required braking a vacuum.
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    I have the 4th post on thread.
    Got the bike back from dealer it was the throttle position sensor.
    So far it's running good,will see this weekend.

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