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Thread: Engine cleaning ?

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    Engine cleaning ?

    For some silly reason after 34 years my 1984 R100 is leaking oil from the sump pan gasket. It probably has something to do with my never checking the pan retainer bolts to see if they were loose!! They were.
    Now I can use some help. What product would you recommend I use to clean the oily dirty mess under and around the engine ?? Something that will not harm the paint please !

    I will thank you now for all your help, James

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    Simple Green is safe and eco friendly and works well for me.
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    Some newspapers or oil pads down, use a putty knife or screwdriver to take the bulk of the build up off, a spray with this-

    A stiff paint brush to agitate, spray with gunk again, let drip dry and wash with hose.

    Some areas of the country have "engine wash down bays" at their self serve car was places. They work good if you are real careful......tough to lay in the grime and get the bottom though.

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    Go to a Dollar store and look for a product called AWESOME. it comes in a spray bottle and cost a buck. Its great!! Found out about it from a bike detail-er at a BMW rally. Just dont use it on glass.

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    I use Gunk foam as shown above, but I also mix about half and half with plain kerosene in a small plastic container like a gallon milk jug with the top cut out. I then brush it on with a cheap paint brush.

    Works great on everything and makes black rubber look black without the super-shininess.
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