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Thread: Reg. gas for an RT?

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    I always use the highest octane I can find because I ride the bike like I stole it.

    The incremental cost over 89 octane is minimal and next to all of the other costs (like wearing out my tires) the extra dollar a tank full or whatever is nothing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AKsuited View Post
    I noticed a lot of stations in the Midwest, Casey's in particular, called 87 "Premium." I don't know how they get away with that.
    Casey's calls 87 without ethanol "Unleaded" and 87 with ethanol is "Super Unleaded"

    Different companies in different parts of the country use different names for their gas.
    They can name it anything they want. Super Unleaded, Super Duper Unleaded, Premium, ect.
    When traveling in different states I never pay attention to the marketing name of the gas, I only look at the AKI name on the pump.

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    How about an app that tells you where you can get non-ethanol gas while travelling? Any such thing around?
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    Quote Originally Posted by rtwiz View Post

    Mexican gasoline is murder on fuel injection. Use a fuel injection cleaner in every other tank if you go down there.
    Do you have any evidence for the claim about Mexican gas? I live in Mexico and have maybe 25,000 km on my R12R using Mexican gas. I have never added anything to the gas nor have any of my car driving friends. Mexican gas has a posted rating of 92 and they do not use ethanol. I find I get about 50 mpg in Mexico, compared to 45 mpg in the US. But the driving conditions are different so I don't claim the difference is due to the gas.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RIDERR1150GSADV View Post
    Isn't it amazing that by leaving out the corn syrup, they get to charge more....
    I make it a point to get non ethanol as much as possible, the bike, boat and car run so much better and get better fuel economy to boot.YMMV
    IMHO they need to depress the market for E0 because there's federal legislation mandating a certain amount of ethanol gets used per year, and the quota keeps going up - it amounts to a subsidy, by mandating a certain level of consumption and thus a market for it. That's part of the drive to make E15 available - it's one way to use more ethanol. The downside is many motorcycle engines won't tolerate E15, and using it will void the warranty. That debate is raging in certain quarters of the internet.

    Of course as vehicle fuel economy goes up, gas (including corn gas) usage goes down, making the ethanol oversupply situation worse. Much like how fuel taxes are inadequate to maintain the roads because miles traveled (wear) has gone up faster than fuel consumption.
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