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Thread: Sena 30K and BMW Connectivity Incompatibility

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    Sena 30K and BMW Connectivity Incompatibility

    This is an informational post. If someone has already written about this problem, I have yet to locate it in any of the forums I frequent.

    I have a 2018 R1200GS Adventure with the Connectivity TFT option. I also have a Sena 30K helmet communication system in my helmet and in the helmets of several family members and friends with whom I ride. After successfully setting up the 30K for use with the Connectivity screen, I was able to play and pause music, answer and initiate phone calls and communicate with other headsets using the Bluetooth intercom mode. Once I had my wife's helmet set up with a 30k as well, I began testing the MESH intercom feature. The intercom would connect and reconnect automatically and it was a lot less hassle than using Bluetooth intercom which always seemed to be pretty unreliable, especially when more than 2 people were connected. However, as soon as I started the new GS and the headset connected to the bike, the MESH intercom was lost. It took me a little while to figure out what was happening because it was variable on how long it would take for the 30K to connect to the bike but eventually I was able to narrow this down. Once I figured out the source of the failure, I searched the forums but found no mention of the problem or of a successful workaround. I contacted SENA support and went through a long and tedious troubleshooting process (the steps of which I had already done repeatedly before contacting their support department) only in the end to be told that Mesh networking as implemented in the 30K is incompatible with the BMW Connectivity option. No explanation was given so I am in the dark as to why this is an issue. My 30K is on firmware 1.0.3 (the latest as of this posting).

    The take home message is that if you want to use intercom and Connectivity, get the 20S or 20S EVO if you like SENA. I don't have any idea if the latest firmware from Cardo allows for Mesh networking with their Packtalk while connected to the bike and I don't have any devices to test with. If you disconnect from the bike, the 30K mesh works pretty well and you can still answer phone calls and listen to music using Bluetooth but not with the BMW TFT screen or WonderWheel convenience. I hope a fix will come eventually but the only basis for that hope at this point is relentless optimism.

    If anyone has been successful getting SENA Mesh intercom working with the BMW Connectivity I would love to hear about it. I should also mention that the BMW Connectivity firmware is not the most recent but I've not seen any reports that the firmware updates from BMW address any Bluetooth related issues. I'm not holding out any hope for BMW because they already state that the system is use at your own risk with any other headsets except the BMW communicators. I am hoping to get my firmware updated with a service tomorrow and if it changes anything, I will update this thread.

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    Any Update? I just ordered a 30K

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