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Thread: Staying cool in extreme heat while riding tips

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    Staying cool in extreme heat while riding tips

    Everyone stay safe on their travels to and from the rally. Stay hydrated, follow some of the advice in the pdf, watch your hydration levels. Some interesting facts within to help you make your trip more manageable.
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    Staying cool in extreme heat while riding tips

    Excellent article. I have noticed on my RT the sweet spot is somewhere around 90 degrees. Below that Iím quite comfortable. Above it Iím starting to sweat but not too bad. My RT is very efficient at blocking wind. So at the higher temps thereís no wind to the body to help with evaporative cooling. Sometimes I put my arm out into the wind to get some cooling. I havenít had the ďpleasureĒ of riding in 100+ degree temps. Although Iíve ridden in 100+ heat index temps. I have a 40 mile commute home. Iíve yet to take a really long ride on the beemer as I picked it up a few weeks ago.

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    On my rt I stand on the pegs often for cooling off, navigating our rough country roads, and just as a change for blood flow. I will also bounce up and down to get loosened up. Also if its hot and I am just running local errands at 40mph and below I will ride jeans and short sleeve shirt with bicycle gloves. I ride like I am on a bicycle as slow as I can get away with. I also will ride my commute with slacks and the mc jacket and gloves. Its a risk I am willing to take. I do all I can to reduce risk and ride seriously and safely. I draw the line at boiling in gear while putt putting at 30 mph between two lines of parked cars and riding 50mph on rural country roads I know intimately. The safest part of my commute is the freeway when its flowing at 60 plus.

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    I have ridden in 110F heat more than I want to admit. Stop about every 100 miles, and drink lots of water. I will carry a quart and drink it between stops, and drink around 20 ounces at a stop, and I am still miserable! I wear a mesh jacket to reduce the air flow over my body. I have hosed myself down at gas stops until I was soaking wet and 30 miles down the road I was dry as toast. My wife, for some reason can not handle the high temps. A couple times while riding she has gotten over heated and we have had to stop for some time and hit the water hard an ice or ice cream to get the core temps down. A couple years ago, running across Montana in 110F temps we camped out in a beer cave at a convenience store for 1/2 hour to get cooled down. I agree with the 93F temp as the change over point. Over that it is tough to keep your body temp under control.

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