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Thread: LED Headlight lamp for ?5 bikes?

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    LED Headlight lamp for ?5 bikes?

    Greetings, I bought a LED headlight lamp for my 68 Triumph, it works greats, they pull about 1/10th the current. I'd like to find one for my R75/5. I bought a set of these:

    They are junk.

    Anyone found and/or used any?

    Thanks for all replies.

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    I have a S1000XR and was researching aftermarket LED lamps for a while. What I found was quite discouraging - issues with quality of LEDs, color temperature (I donít like 6000K, I think 5000k is better), beam formation once installed inside a housing, issues because LEDs donít have omnidirectional light output, etc., so I dropped the LED idea. I went with 55w xenon HIDs instead and I have been very happy with them. They are bright - a HUGE upgrade from my lowly H7 halogens. The beam is identical to the halogens on both low and high beam housings. The downside is that they have about a 5-6 second warmup period to get to full brightness. Frankly that doesnít bother me at all as in real world driving conditions is donít really need the Ďinstant oní that LEDs provide. The other downside is that the ballasts and ignitors arenít easy to accommodate and hideaway within the tight confines of the bike fairings.

    Hope this helps.

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    You may already be aware that with the /5 headlight diameter being less than 7", the number reflectors that are compatible with H4 bulbs is rather limited. The same would be applicable to LED bulbs... the "base" is not compatible with the /5 BMW reflector.

    I converted my /5 to H4 and love it. The stock OEM alternator has no problem keeping up with it.
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