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Thread: Tire balancing- front...rear...both

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    For those of you that subscribe to balancing the wheel, do you ever check to see if the wheel runs “true”?
    I do my own tire changes, balance all my tires, and I always check run-out when it's on my balance stand. It's just a matter of course, and checked every time.

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    I have a motorcycle repair shop that changes my tires for me. I generally replace tires with the same model tire. He marks the new tire with a paint pen and puts the new tire on in the same relative spot as the old tire. I balance them at home on a Marc Parnes balancer and I rarely have to make much of an adjustment to the weights. My Oilhead uses Michelin PR3 tires and my Airhead have been using Michelin Pilot Activ.
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    Since the bikes come from the factory with both wheels balanced, I do the same when replacing the tires. I too use a Marc Parnes balancer and it has proven to be quite accurate over the years..YMMV
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