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Thread: 1966 R69S - Value?

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    1966 R69S - Value?

    A friend of mine has inherited a 1966 R69S, black, appears to be all original and very nice condition. Bike shows 21,018 miles on it, same owner since 1974, hard bags, extra dual seat (has stock dual seat on it). Ballpark...what is this bike worth as he wants to sell it. I have some general pictures of the bike, bags / extra seat, speedo and title on my phone.

    He also inherited a 194x Indian he wants to sell too, not sure where to go on valuation on that one! Just as nice as the R69S but, has been restored.

    Any help on valuation or guidance is appreciated!

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    What part of the world is this bike located? How long since it has run? Gas still in tank and carbs? What does the oil look like? What shape are the tires in and how old are they? Were the slingers ever cleaned? Is there any record of previous service? ETC. Lots more questions before I would be comfortable offering a value. Just because it has low miles and is shiny doesn't mean it is worth more than a new bottle of car wax.

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    The bike is located in Indiana. Given the bike was inherited after the death of his father-in-law, and the son-in-law is not a rider / mc owner, I doubt if the owner has the answers to the questions but, who knows. I realize my initial inquiry was rather vague but, I posted what I knew and was hoping for a general guideline for value.

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    A quick look at Hagerty price guide says #1 concourse condition $25,000 #4 daily driver $10,000. They don't have a lower rating.
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    Thanks! Never thought of checking Haggarty! NADA shows the same basic ranges with a low of $5k...fair condition. Thanks again!

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    Does it run?

    Very important here. Does the bike run and go down the road or is it a barn find type of bike? A decent looking (original paint) 69S that runs and rides well is worth a whole lot more than one thats been sitting in the corner of that barn for the last 25 years.

    A couple pictures of the bike with some detail shots could get you a more accurate value estimate.

    Do the frame,engine ID tag and title serial numbers match?

    Just as one mans junk could be an other's treasure, one mans treasure could be a pile of junk.

    Ultimately the bike is worth a combination of what someone is willing to pay for it and what someone is willing to take for it. It is good that your friend is doing some research on the value of the bike. You might also try the Vintage BMW forum, I think one of the moderators (Kurt) here is very active in the Vintage forum.

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