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Thread: 2007 F650GS with 40K - Any Issues?

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    2007 F650GS with 40K - Any Issues?

    I just bought a pretty cheap 38k mile '07 F650GS with very complete service history and a stock bike. The bike has had the recommended 6k BMW dealer service completed each and every 6k miles (next due @ 42k) with all dealer stamps, dates, and signatures. The GS has a new rear shock, new Metzler Tourances and the bike shows signs of wear and tear, as fully expected. I have owned a few F650s but, none with this high of miles and it has been a few years ago. My question is, any specific areas / issues I need to be on the look out for? I just went through the bike visually, checking what I know to check, changing the oil / filter even though it only had 500 or so miles on it as the bike had sat about 18 months. I will use the bike mainly for around town, forest service / gravel roads, hauling on the RV, LD riding. Thanks in advance for any advice / guidance!

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    The steering head bearings and the swing arm bearings have been known to be under greased. Here and the forum can lead you through how to check and regrease both. I did both on mine and was amazed on how dry they were. The swing arm is pretty easy to do, just label each part as you go.

    I'd also be a apt to change the coolant if it wasn't the dealer that changed it, as these bikes have been known to be a little finicky with the cooling system.

    Have fun - it's one of the best years for the F bikes!
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    Thanks for the info! In the Black Hills with it now and what an awesome bike!

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