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Thread: Canadian Roll Call

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    Canadian Roll Call


    Coming down from Toronto! Hope to see other canucks!

    If you are looking for a friendly place to say hello, walk through the Sherpa Tents and look for the Canadian Flag. I promise you wont miss it!
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    Change of Plans - Having to Sit on the Sidelines - Have a Beer for Me eh!

    Sadly, I will not be there!

    OK, last year was easy for me to attend as a BMW newbie (rally virgin) and as a returning rider (after over 25 years) with the Rally being held in SLC and me living in SLC now. I had so much fun and met so many good people (especially the Canadian contingent) that I had it all planned out to make it there this year. Well, I rode a lot in January and into February during the "non winter" we had in northern Utah this past year. Then the snows started and our skiing got good again! My skiing and riding ended abruptly during bad ski accident in early March during which I completely shattered my left leg below and through my knee - you know you are in trouble when your ortho surgeon even comments that "boy, you really went all out when you decided to #@$#@$ this up!". So, that injury still has me sidelined for now. On the plus side, I'm walking with a cane only and I can finally get on my bike and bend enough to reach the shifter. Took her for a 2 mile slow ride around my neighborhood last Saturday morning but itís not comfortable yet to shift and I donít have the leg strength to be safe yet. So, Iím beyond anxious to ride but cautious and not foolish as Iíd like my leg to heal.

    By mid to late August with PT and lots of work I should hopefully be back on the road! Living vicariously through the rest of you for now wishing I could be there! D
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    I'm out, motor trouble I couldn't fix on the road in Dawson, y'all have fun.
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    Quote Originally Posted by matthewcohen View Post

    walk through the Sherpa Tents and look for the Canadian Flag. I promise you wont miss it!
    Post a picture.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skibum69 View Post
    I'm out, motor trouble I couldn't fix on the road in Dawson, y'all have fun.
    Sorry to hear that.
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    Will try to find the tent. Four NS newbie here.
    Bummed to hear about ski bum. 2 Newfies at a rally would be epic.
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