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Thread: Wethead bodywork Fasteners and washers

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    Anti seize

    Itís a good idea to wipe a little dab of anti seize on the screw threads before you reassemble things. It will cut down on the dissimilar metal corrosion on those fasteners and keep you from having to drill the heads off to get things apart. We deal with this all the time on aircraft where owners want to change the plated screws for stainless, then find out thatís not a perfect world either.

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    Iíve dropped or lost a few body panel screws on various bikes over the years
    To prevent mixing the wrong shoulder screws up I use a bit of masking tape to secure each screw next to the correct hole in panel that iíve Removed
    For reassembly I use a dab of white assembly grease on each screw
    Parts manager at Long Beach BMW made me up a kit with the 3 most commonly lost screws and plastic washers, since I got the spares, I havenít lost a screw go figure!


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