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Thread: posted w/o intro, sorry

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    posted w/o intro, sorry

    Hi everyone,
    I got my first used BMW in 1974 (R75/5) and after years of faster and noisier Japs I came back to BMW for good reason.
    Now I got a '73 R75/5 which I completely restored and an '04 1150RT. Love riding both.
    Getting ready to move from Miami,FL to North Georgia. Bikes are already there. - Motorcycle Paradise

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    Welcome to the forum! Better get back to FL soon...where the bikes are!!
    Kurt -- Forum Liaison ---> Resources and Links Thread <---
    '78 R100/7 & '69 R69S & '52 R25/2
    mine-ineye-deatheah-pielayah-jooa-kalayus. oolah-minane-hay-meeriah-kal-oyus-algay-a-thaykin', buddy!

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    Welcome to the forum

    Enjoy the forum...are you going to the national rally in Iowa this week?
    Joined MOA in 1987

    Current bike - 2017 RT

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