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Thread: '89 K100RS Noise from final drive area

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    '89 K100RS Noise from final drive area

    Hello, this is the first post for me on this site. My 89 k100 rs (86k) has developed a sound of rubber rubbing against something when the rear wheel is turned while on the center stand. There is some resistance at various points during the turning of the wheel when the sound is heard. I have removed the calipers, the wheel, and the disk to be certain the problem was not originating from one of those areas. It sounds as if the squeaking is originating in the final drive area. Any thoughts? Thanks, Ken.

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    The final drive seal comes to mind. Inspect it to ensure it is in proper condition. Have you turned the final drive by hand to see if the sound can be replicated with the rear wheel off?

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    The right side of the tire rubbing the swingarm comes to mind, but I assume you'd have spotted something that obvious.
    The only other rubber bit in the area is the final drive seal mentioned above, but I don't recall what the innards of a FD that old actually looks like.

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    Since you have the wheel off you should remove the final drive from the swing arm and check that the splines are in good shape on the driveshaft, input on the final drive and output on the transmission. Hopefully just a precaution and you'll find everything okay, can clean up, relube and reassemble. I had mine fail at about 90,000, with no prior warning, though it hauled a sidecar that entire time. Wish you well with your project and hope you're back on the road soon.
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