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Thread: Hit 3 times by other Bikers

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    Quote Originally Posted by PGlaves View Post
    And I did it once. So even we critics are not imume. Out of gas station up a gravel hill to the highway. Voni looks and stops for oncoming traffic. Paul looks and fails to stop. Bent Krauser bag. Fixed. On we went.
    Many miles( not legendary, but some great miles) and stop/ starts between us and only one where I made an assumption and thought I knew what H was a gonna do going up the hill near our house entering the highway..I hit her and lost my sidecase...she was upright giving me a sweet look as I stopped the second time

    We try the four second minimum gap unless doing the urban metro defensive mindset and we are closer. As long as we can see yellow lights in a glance in our mirror once in awhile, we ride alone and meet at the next stop.We have communication on trips. H has sometimes forgotten she has a wingman on a short trip and at least called me to see where I was...classic.I was out of fuel on a GSA...I know

    Small group rides with like minded and familiar habit-ed folks can be a fun thing,we have a core group that can interact well on trips and just day runs with smiles at the end, add too many and someone gets PO'd or on a rare occasion hurt from riding over their skills or good judgement...or too close, the OP's original situation.

    Riding in a parade with a lot of skill levels is asking for learning opportunities and decisions about doing it ever again. BTDT
    Steve Henson-Mod Team and club tire changer

    Be decisive, right or wrong.The road of life is paved with
    flat squirrels who couldn't make a decision~unknown

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    Henzilla has it figured the way I like it. Same when riding MTB's on single track. I don't want anyone in front of me to hamper my visibility, influence my line/choices or influence my pace.

    When left alone my normal safe and quick style and attitude has me only a bit behind the people comfortable with more risk.

    In traffic on freeway I ignore other bikes and just do my thing in the right side of lane #1, no echelon pack like BS for me. I advise people I ride with how I ride. I go with the flow until traffic slows below 30 mph and then I split or I might burst around a vehicle I don't want to follow to get in a good place in the line so to speak. I am only in it for me and my safety.

    If I am riding with someone or a few people and there's four way stops and stuff I will go side by side just to clear the four way stop or even that in a quad and then its seconds apart again. Other than that mc riding is not a team sport. Its more like downhill skiing. "Meet you at the lift!."

    A long time buddy of mine was doing the harley thing for a number of years and when we first rode together he chastised me for making a pass on a two lane road because I did not execute the pass with enough space for him to follow me. I set him straight as I did with my kids when riding/touring on bicycles. "DO NOT TRUST A PERSON YOU ARE FOLLOWING INTO A HAZARDOUS SITUATION, EVEN YOUR PARENTS. YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY!".

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