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Thread: F 800 GT - longer cables

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    F 800 GT - longer cables

    Several months ago I purchased a 2015 F 800 GT and am trying to make it more comfortable for longer distance driving. I added a 2" ROX Riser for the handlebar and was able to make it work by moving the throttle and clutch cables, and brake line; as well as the elec. lines for the left side hand grip. However the handle bars still need to move back/up a few more inches.
    I need help locating someone I can send the OEM cables/brake line to, to make me longer ones.
    Any recommendations? I went thru all of the F-Twins threads at this site and don't see anything re. this question! Thanks for the help, Baron.

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    I added the Rox Risers to my F800GS. After a little maneuvering, the front brake line was a little tight- the rest ok. I sent to Speigler for a new front brake line and changed it out in conjunction with a brake fluid flush.
    There are a few threads on the RR, one here-
    found through the "Tag Cloud" search.

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    Longer Cables

    Thanks Omega Man for the Speigler and additional info; do they also offer longer throttle and clutch cables? Baron.

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