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Thread: New Lady rider with questions

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    The bike seems fine per say. It does not run as if it has a low battery....just the ABS lights blinking all the time. If the battery were low or having problems or at the end of its useful life wouldn't the battery light that is next to the Neutral light come on?
    Normally that would be true. But, not with an Oilhead. Your bike checks the ABS system when the starter is running, instead of after the engine starts to run. With the starter running, the voltage will be lower, and this can trigger a false problem with the ABS. The Odyssey battery has a slightly higher voltage, and helps prevent the ABS from tripping an error (alternating ABS lights). If your bike starts to trigger errors all the time, that is a good indication that your battery is near the end of it's life. When it is cold outside, your bike is more likely to trigger an ABS error.

    To reset the ABS:
    There is a blue connector under the seat.
    Remove the cap to the blue connector
    Attach the wire to the middle connector, and attach the other end of the wire to a metal part attached to the frame (like a small bolt)
    While pushing down the ABS button, turn on ignition
    Keep holding down the ABS button for 10 seconds
    After 10 seconds, turn off the ignition, and remove the wire
    Now the ABS system should be reset.
    If the ABS system isn't reset, check to make sure you have a good connection on the wire.

    You can use a regular wire, or find a wire with alligator clips on both ends. I think you can find a wire with alligator clips at Walmarts (auto section).

    On my bike, I keep a wire permanently attached to the blue connector (and grounded). So, in cold weather I can reset it without getting off the bike. My Odyssey battery is now 7 years old, so it is starting to trip it more often.

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    Quote Originally Posted by new2mer1200c View Post
    I have not check volts or anything like that yet either. Not sure I know how to do it...but will try...

    No worries; most of us here don't wrench on our bikes. Let your tech check it; it should be an easy fix.

    ...I will be practising on my BMW until then, so hopefully I will have a good start on the basics....
    Any new bike involves a learning experience, with the steepest learning curve being on your first.

    Welcome, and good luck.
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    How's the riding coming along? Just wanted to check up...

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    Dropping it early gets that little bit of trauma out of the way early. You may not realize it but you’re more relaxed already as a result.
    ITSteve: ride in peace my friend
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