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Thread: Possible rear main seal leak 1996 k1100rs

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    Please ignore my previous statement. I just checked both my Clymer's and my factory BMW manuals and there is no mention of soaking.

    The last RMS I did was a couple years ago and I KNOW I read that the seal should be soaked (No, I didn't read it on the internet). I would have normally installed it as GTRIDER suggested, but when I went to install it, I discovered I had to soak it. I now believe there must have been an instruction note that came with the factory BMW seal.

    So, if your factory seal doesn't have a note specifying soaking, don't. If it does come with those recomendations then I would suggest following them.


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    I've bought a fair number of rear main seals from BMW and they have never come with instructions. I just get a seal (or several) in a plastic bag.

    It could be that the soaking thing was some misguided helpfulness by someone in the tech department, many years ago. Anyway, the seal is PTFE and it's not going to absorb anything in a useful way.
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    bwoods1100, one thing I learned the hard way is that clutch assembly was balanced as a unit. Hopefully you either marked the pressure plate, housing and housing cover or can see other witness mark(s) so that it goes back together the same way it came apart.

    I ended up taking the clutch assembly to a auto speed shop with balancing equipment and had them rotate the pieces until they found the correct orientation.


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