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Thread: No steering lock?

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    No steering lock?

    My new-to-me 1999 R11RT doesn't appear to have a steering / handlebar lock position with ignition switch. I don't have an English language owners manual. This bike was imported from Sweden. Do Euro bikes not have steering locks? Or is there a separate lock? I really didn't have time to search....was running to work.

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    They all have a steering lock.
    Look closely at your ignition switch.
    Handlebars to the left, turn key CCW.
    First notch is locked
    2nd is Locked with parking lamp F&R**
    **Careful that you don't unintentionally leave in that position - you'll come back to a flat battery.
    (used if you have leave the bike close to traffic in a breakdown situation)
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    Ufda happens..........

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    Took quite a bit of fumbling around but that worked. PO probably didnít use it much. Seems to be fine now. TY

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