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Thread: R1200R Cee Baily's windscreen

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    R1200R Cee Baily's windscreen

    HI Folks, Cee Baily's is out of the Moto market; too bad. Would anyone know if another brand might fit the Cee Baily's brackets on my R1200R? Otherwise, in searching the forum, there are lots of opinions as to an optimal balance of form and function for a windscreen. Cee Baily's seems to be the one people like the most. Does anyone have some advice for me to get much of the wind off of me. I'm 5'9. I don't love wind, but not opposed to some as I tour. Thanks so much. Jason

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    Jason -

    There are threads about R1200R windscreens in the Similar Threads pane below. Might be some ideas there...
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    I have a 15" tall Cee Baily screen for an R1200R. Also a BMW screen that fits the same bracket. I must also have the bracket somewhere.

    I now use a Wunderlich Trophy fairing and don't need the others. Send me a private message if you are interested.
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