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Thread: Old guy with a 1995 Mystic R100R

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    Old guy with a 1995 Mystic R100R

    I have a 1995 Mystic in great shape that I love to ride. Problem with the bike for me is I'm 6' and approaching 70. Folding my legs up onto the pegs is problematic and my knees ache after about 20 miles of riding. I'm considering another bike, an RT or a GS but would really like to keep riding the Mystic if I can make it work. I think if I can raise the seat about 4 inches and put handle bar risers on the bike, it may work. Anyone with this model bike in the same situation that's solved the probem?
    Larry Venezia

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    I think that you have several options or combinations of options to consider.

    Many of the parts for the R100GS should fit the R100. Thus, you might be able to fit engine "crash bars" such as come with the R100GS/PD. Some sort of clamp-on highway pegs can be installed allowing one to stretch out their legs for a bit. Following is a link to the MaxBMW on-line fiche (where these are called "safety bars") -

    Here is a link to a foot peg lowering kit for the R100GS.

    You could have a custom seat made (or modify the stock seat) to add some height; many vendors advertise in the Owner's News. There are other products that can sit atop one's seat that add height, padding, firmness, etc. (e.g., AirHawk, Alaska Leather [thick fur - I know, not leather], beaded seat cover).

    There are a variety of "bar-backs" as well as different handle bar bends that could be tried. The only real limit is your wallet. I would suggest trying somewhere like Re-Psycle BMW to see if used products are available that might be suitable. Some experimentation may be required.

    You can't make yourself young again, but you might be able to help yourself with some suitable stretching exercises. There are also pharmaceutical products available, e.g. Aleve. And some pseudo-snake-oil (but seems to work somewhat for me, YMMV) -

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    old guy with Mystic

    Thanks for the thorough reply. I'm on it. Physical therapy begins; foot peg mod and seat mod.

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