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Thread: Chief Joseph Rally, John Day, Oregon

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    Chief Joseph Rally, John Day, Oregon

    On my way back home post-rally. John Day offers some great riding! Picture of Lake Albert, north of Lakeview, Oregon.086D51A8-5D0C-4108-83C4-C6FFA7B180FA.jpg

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    That photo jogged my memory for sure

    Nice photo and thanks for the memory jogger.

    In 1977, on a brand new GL1000 with Vetter Fairing and Krauser bags, loaded for a 30 day around the US trip I got a flat rear tire just south of where the picture was taken. Pulled the nail, put in new tube, slipped back into Lakeview to an ATV/Dirt bike shop/hole in the wall I saw when riding by the first time, right on 395, fully aired up the tire, bought a new tube (close to correct size) and off again. Carried tire irons, front and rear tubes in those days and that was the only time I ever used one.

    It was so hot that day I have never forgotten changing that tube in the dirt on the side of the road and wondering when I was going to pass out even having lots of water to drink, got sun burned to. Only a couple cars went by the whole time I was on the side of the road fighting that tire.

    Lonely stretch of road in those days.

    Thanks for letting this old man reminisce.

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    to/from the Chief Joseph Rally

    It's still a pretty lonely stretch of road.
    I've a vivid memory of that area too, although it's from another season. I was going south through heavy rain and wind. I was so cold when I arrived in Lakeview (?) I had to wait a bit before buying fuel - couldn't get my hands to work properly. Somewhat later I discovered my rain suit was ripped down the spine and I was soaked. Never seen that before or since! These days I think twice before riding down that stretch of 395 when conditions are dodgy.

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