Although I'm no where near wearing out my 30+ year old Langlitz leathers (and my one piece BMW rain suit purchased new in '76 along with my '76 R90/6..... which I never should have parted with), the Texas heat has finally got me looking for something with a bit more versatility. I am considering the Pursang Jacket and Phantom Pant from Motonation as advertised in the April issue of ON. I have virtually no first hand experience with modern riding gear other than what I see around me so I'm looking for some guidance here. The Motonation gear appears to have all the necessary bells and whistle and I like the relatively hi-viz sand color option (safe as it may be I am just not into fluorescent/neon gear) at a very reasonable price.... and, therein lies the dilemma. Coming in so far below the price point for top names such as Aerostitch, Klim, and Touratech, does the Motonation gear have any features to recommend it other than a modest price. I am well aware that you get what you pay for (and I didn't bat an eye at dropping nearly a grand years ago for the Langlitz leathers when a grand was still a grand), and the "pay me now or pay me later" voice is always whispering in my ear, but I'd like to find out if anyone has first hand info regarding this gear. I've looked at a few online reviews which are favorable, if somewhat less than ecstatic, but I give about as much value/credence to online reviews (often planted by marketers) as I do to the "comments" section in a WWF fan site.

Any and all guidance will be greatly appreciated.