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Thread: Better armor, better helmets?

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    Better armor, better helmets?

    This stuff looks like it could improve protection for motorcyclists:
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    Looks like very good stuff. There's a lot of information on the D30 website here:
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    We have D30 in some of our gear. Nice and comfortable.
    It's been around for quite awhile.
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    D3O in "Cycle World" Vol 1 2018

    If you can find a copy of the newly redesigned (not to everyone's taste - sort of a "coffee table" mag, now) "Cycle World", in issue 1 2018 (current issue on the stands is issue 2), on pp. 94-97 there is an article on this stuff and Klim.
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    I suggest the best source for wearables reviews is the annual Track Day Directory issue of Road Racing World magazine.

    I can see little difference in safety requirements between what racers wear and what the rest of us need, too. For example, if you read what's suggested for gloves you can easily come to the conclusion if your gloves don't cost at least $200 they aren't good enough. A basic requirement might be will your gloves or pants just come off sliding down a road.

    That's the problem of course, as so many are shocked at and unprepared for the true cost of this very expensive hobby. And most of the advertising plays from that, essentially promising more for less.
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    I did replace the armor in my 10-year-old Roadcrafter II jacket. The jacket still looks good because most of the time I wore a 20-year-old Roadcrafter II on shorter trips and around town. I guess it had sentimental value. I finally did toss the older jacket.

    I kind of wish I had known about this orange armor.

    I did get Rev'It Seeflex shoulder armor and Knox elbow armor, all of which are CE 2.

    My fleet: 2015 R1200GS, 2017 Toyota Prius Prime (plug-in hybrid)

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