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Thread: Recommendation on Motorcycle Insurance Company

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    Progressive coverage with tow and trip interruption experience

    I was returning from the 2021 Great Falls Rally. Heading home Sunday to the Olympia WA area on a 2014 1200RT. Near Post Falls ID I had a red warning light pointing to an electric system fault. Checked system voltage and it reported 10.9 or 11 volts and as I watched it was dropping. From a prior experience I thought I lost the alternator($). Got off next exit. To make a long story short, contacted Progressive and after some adventures they authorized a tow across the state of Washington to my usual dealer in Tacoma WA. 311 miles or more. My SO picked me up at the dealer and I was home before midnight Sunday. I was amazed and very happy. Even more happy to find out later that it was not the alternator($) but that the record heat had murdered the battery.

    As always, this was only my experience and your mileage may well differ but I am very pleased with my interaction with Progressive.
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    In the US, I've been very pleased with Allstate Insurance. Their rates are competitive here in South Carolina (although I'm new here, having moved from S. FL in Dec 2020).


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