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Thread: Backpack for commuting

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    Backpack for commuting

    Trying to commute on my 9T with virtually no storage. I have never used a backpack on a bike so Iím looking for info. I work in the medical field so I need shoes, scrubs, iPad, charging cables, stethoscope, lab coat etc.
    is there anyone commuting on a standard, or naked without storage? Looking for insight from those that have been there.
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    How about some retro leather saddlebags that toss over the seat? Might look good on a 9T.


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    How about a tank bag instead? I am not real fond of carrying hard objects in a backpack. You mentioned you are in the medical field so you can probably imagine the effect of possibly coming off your bike at speed with hard objects in a backpack right against your spine.

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    Look at the Aerostich Courier Bags!!
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    I prefer a small tail bag to either a tank bag or a backpack. Anything on your back can get uncomfortably warm in summer. There will be lots of choices for small tail bags with the only problem being how to attach them to your bike.

    Good luck.
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    A lot of choices at Revzilla.
    Some have reviews.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PGlaves View Post
    Look at the Aerostich Courier Bags!!
    Stylish man purse when you are off the bike, plus many stores make you check a backpack but let you carry a purse.

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    Spend some time in the backpack aisle of Staples or Office Depot if you must have a backpack. There are several with built-in protective sleeves for your electronics and decent main body compartments for your scrubs etc. The target audience is road warriors flying with a carryon and the backpack going under the seat.

    When I commuted with my R 1150 R, my preference was a combination of a medium-sized courier bag for computers and office items, and either a tank bag or small duffel for clothing. I found breaking the two sets of gear made it easier to stash the duffel while the courier bag worked as my briefcase.
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    I've never been a fan of commuting with a backpack. Not that I haven't done it many times, but it gets old after a while. I prefer to have some sort of storage on the bike where I can toss my laptop and other personal items. Take a look at some of the advice above and select a solution that fits your need and sense of aesthetics.

    I will qualify what I just said with this: when I head to the mountains to go hiking I wear my day pack/hydration pack while riding the bike because it won't fit in my luggage and, as it turns out, being able to sip water while riding is actually pretty good.

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    Plenty of choices but at the 50k foot level my choice is to use a sling type (1 diagonal strap) pack. I have commuted with both the conventional backpack and a sling pack and prefer the sling. Slightly less stable than a 2 strap pack but much more stable than a courier bag which I find tends to move around too much. Sling pack is very easy on & off even over a helmet which makes life less complicated.
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    There's only one messenger bag or backpack to consider is: Chrome Industries

    Originally developed for bicycle couriers.

    I've had mine (and used it for commuting) for 15 years. It's been through one motorcycle crash and a couple wipeouts on my bicycle. They feature a waterproof liner, ballistic nylon, sweet safety belt for on/off and adjustment, lifetime warranty (used once when a 1" area of my stitching came undone), made in the USA, reflective webbing, etc.

    Like the Aerostich one, you can sling it to the side to get some more ventilation if needed, but then swing it right on to your back for more comfort when you're walking around.

    People will constantly ask about the seat belt buckle and you'll totally up your hipster cred... but they are amazing!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by drneo66 View Post
    There's only one messenger bag or backpack to consider is: [URL=""]Chrome Industries
    I second this. Iíve had mine for 10 years - durable, waterproof and expansive if need be, nearly flat and streamlined when empty.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lasnin View Post
    They have a U.S. site:
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