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Thread: idle problem with 2013 F700GS

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    Exclamation idle problem with 2013 F700GS

    I had a problem with mice in my air intake and took it to a local shop to get cleaned up. When I got the bike back, it idles poorly. When it is cold, it idles fine but when the bike warms up, its too fast. The shop played with the throttle cable but that just changed the problem. Now hard to idle when cold but fine when warm. Note, shop is not BMW dealer as I live several hours away from a dealer.

    I could take it into the dealer but that's a big trip and probably a big expense.

    Are there things I can check / diagnose myself? I am thinking of buying a OBD tool but that will take a week or so to arrive. I have been told there is no idle adjustment for this bike so at a loss what else to check.

    thanks in advance

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    The mice can and do cause a lot of trouble. How long ago since the mouse incident- it tanks of gas? If you are still on the same fuel as when you found the mice, I would keep running the bike with liberal doses of Techron carb/fuel system treatment. Make a decision after a few tanks of treated gas......If you have access to non-ethanol- all the better.
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    The idle speed on these bikes is controlled by an idle speed actuator. It is essentially an air valve with a stepper motor. It lives in the air box where the mice have been playing. If dirt got into it or the tunnel where it's located it could play havoc with the idle. You can find it on the right side of the airbox. Disconnect the electrical connector and remove two screws and it pulls out. If you do so you are supposed to re-calibrate it and for this you need a GS-911 or have the dealer do all this.

    It's number 14 here:

    Intake system.jpg

    The shop should not have touched the throttle cable. If they aren't familiar with this bike my advice is don't use them.

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    Thanks for this. Agree I'll never use that shop again. It might be possible they did not have a GS911 so could not re-calibrate it.

    I was looking at the GS911 but decided to go with an Android app and this tool instead. It worked out to 1/4 the price. Hopefully it has the function to recalibrate the actuator. Otherwise, I'm probably going to take it into the dealer to get looked at.

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    Just for reference, this is the software I am going to use with the OBD hardware. It lists actuator control. Will find out soon if that also means 'recalibrate'. Note, Android only.

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