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Thread: Back again

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    Back again

    I guess technically I never left since I still had my 68 R69S. I sold my 04 RT about 6 years ago, to buy, of all things, a Ural. The Ural is definitely better in the snow.
    A couple years back I picked up a 2008 Buell Ulysses. When I got the Buell I was going back and forth between it and a GS. Even though I got the Buell I was still thinking about the GS.
    Now I just bought a 2016 GS and the Buell is for sale.
    Iím ready to head up to northern Minnesota from central Illinois, I canít wait.
    Itís good to be back!

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    Welcome back.
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    Definitely welcome back to the forum!!
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    Central Illinois


    What part central Illinois

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    While I understand the desire to leave IL, I am sorry that we never had a chance to meet.
    All the best,
    James A...
    1973 R75/5

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    Not permanently

    Not leaving IL for good, yet anyway.
    Just a trip on the new GS
    In between Peoria and the Quad cities, technically west-central Illinois.

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    Got it!

    Just got the new bike, itís basically new, only 1,100 miles on a 2016.
    The hardest thing is figuring out all what all the buttons do.
    Good or bad, there is a lot of technology on this bike.
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