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Thread: Wondering about cross country trips

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    Quote Originally Posted by beemerphile View Post
    I rolled into a town needing a motel one evening and checked-in. I thought the price was higher than it should of been and haggled a bit of a discount before running up against the clerk's rules of engagement. When I got to the room I checked Expedia on my computer and could have booked the same room the same night for $20 less. The difference would have bought dinner.

    Now when I have no reservations, I stop at the nearest McD's and use the Wifi to book a discounted room at a motel I have selected. More than once I even booked it sitting in the motel lobby.
    This plan works very well, but I suggest using the chain's own website, rather than one of the consolidators. I know too many people whose reservation didn't go through to the local hotel from the consolidators. This is more likely to happen when you're making a last minute (read: from the hotel lobby) reservation.

    Of course, YMMV!
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    Thanks for the great advice. I get the feeling the Beemer club is even friendlier than the Honda folks.

    @Rinty: what is a day trip? I think when I was in Massachusetts, I rode out to Western New York, then rode back. It was about 600 miles over 2 days. I'm not planning to ride a lot of miles per day, least because the G650GS is not a touring bike. On the other hand, I also rode about 100 miles in a short roundtrip to the next city.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Inst View Post
    ...because the G650GS is not a touring bike.
    A "touring bike" is a bike that you are touring on. I have ridden 2,000 mile trips on my Yamaha scooter. I had a blast.

    These are marketing terms, and don't have to define your use of them. Similarly, what is an "adventure bike"? Here is one...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Inst View Post
    because the G650GS is not a touring bike....
    Almost anyone can tour on almost anything, you absolutely DO NOT need a specific type of mount. I toured the entire lower 48 on a Yamaha FZ1 with no modifications whatsoever. I simply bungied a small bag on the seat behind me. That bike was way more fun to "tour" on than the larger specific touring bikes I have owned.

    One anecdote, I once spent the night in a motel in the Rockies and met a guy from New England touring on a stock Hayabusa. Made my back hurt just watching him get on that rocketship and blast off the next morning.

    Another example: I know a guy tours the USA on a Vespa 150cc scooter. Looks like the Clampett clan (from the Beverly Hillbillies TV show?) when he leaves on a trip.

    Good luck.
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    A few years back I met a lady who was touring alone while at the Dust 2 Dawson gathering in the Yukon. She was in he 50's, a correctional officer from Quebec and very petite. Her bike of choice was a Hayabusa with an extended swingarm and some other modifications designed to make it a better drag racer. She had fashioned hand guards out of clorox bottles and made several small wind deflectors out of cardboard and duct tape. She rode it over the Top of the World Hwy to get to Dawson with the full intent of riding the Dempster, but thought better of it. She said the Hayabusa was quite a handful on the TOW (imagine that). She came back a coupla of years ago on a F650GS thumper and rode the Dempster. She sure seemed like she was having fun riding and camping using a Hayabusa.

    Then there was this guy. This is Malcom and the picture was taken at an overlook on the campus of the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Malcom was around 6'6" and had purchased his first motorcycle, a Honda Rebel 250, in Chile. He then rode it to Ushuaia and was on his way to Deadhorse when I met him. He made it up to Prudhoe and then across Canada to New Hampshire. Sadly, he ran a red light in NH and was killed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by akbeemer View Post
    A few years back I met a lady who was touring alone while at the Dust 2 Dawson gathering in the Yukon.
    She was everyone's hero that year - the little lady with pink-highlighted hair on the 'busa. Probably drank the Sourtoe Cocktail too.
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