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Thread: Cardo, Sena, other?

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    Question Cardo, Sena, other?

    I'm getting dizzy trying to figure out what Bluetooth devices to get for me and the SO (Just the 2 of us) for the GTL. The communications manual for the bike is 100 pages long and no real help for device selection. I'm sure that some of the members have a clear and positive preference for some system to use with the GTL and I really would appreciate some help here.

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    I don't have a GTL, so I may be a little off on my suggestions. The first question in my mind, is what will you be doing with it? Is it only to communicate with your SO? Or with the GPS too? With another group of riders?

    I rode with a guy last summer who picked up two of the el-cheapo Chinese BT headsets for about $49. He leads large group rides in the area and he would have one, and the sweeper in the rear had the other. They worked fine for that purpose. Something like that would probably work just fine for talking between you and your SO. Adding in the ability to hear from your GPS, shouldn't be a problem.

    The difficulty or complications arise when you add in the ability to communicate with other riders. BT headsets, the name brands anyway like Sena and Cardo, have their own proprietary pairing channels. Then they will also pair to other brands, but they use the channels or pairing method that is used for smartphones. So my Sena will pair with other model Senas just fine. And it'll also pair with a Cardo or the el-cheapo Chinese brand too...just in a different method.

    If you never plan to ride with others, then I'd say look at the el-cheapo Chinese versions. The Goldwing rider who had one last summer, had no problems with his working at all, and he used it a lot...both on the trip and when riding locally.

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    I use the SMH10R and have been extremely satisfied. The unit has been in service now for 5 years, only one battery replacement. I'ts used primarily for GPS interface and phone calls. The VOX works every time, with great noise cancelling, my wife swears phone calls are more quiet when Im on the bike than when Im in the car. The intercom function works just as good. The unit is small, unobtrusive, and very light. I use a pair of "Big Ears" custom molded ear plugs and have sufficient volume under all be the most extreme conditions.

    Good luck with your search.
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    I think you'd be very satisfied with most or all of the Sena products. My GSA has the NAV 5; I Bluetooth my Sena and iPhone 6 to it and typically communicate with up to four people at one time. A minor issue I've noted with mine (it is an older SMH-10) is that sometimes the phone pairing drops off. If you've got the NAV VI and/or a newer version of iPhone or Android, this may be a non-issue. I also store music on my NAV 5 and the sound quality is excellent. I would certainly get another one in a heartbeat.
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    We have a Cardo Smartpack twin set. They're the same as the top of the line Packtalk but for much less $$.
    Sound quality is good, you can have a conversation at speed without shouting.
    They're fine for music streaming and sharing.
    And as all top of the line devices will connect bluetooth with your bike/gps/cell, etc.

    The only limitation is the BT connection to the bike's sound system. But that is a BMW limitation shared with all other brands. You can only connect one headset unless it's a BMW branded device. Unless BMW or someone else has found a fix for that, being able to share the music from your device works around the problem.

    I've been with Cardo for a long time and have never been dissatisfied with them. They've always worked for me. All in all, having tried both Sena and Cardo, they're IMO about equal. The only reason I see to switch or select one over the other would be if you rode with others and they didn't have compatible device. And even that is changing as now both brands can pair with others.

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