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Thread: '03 650 CS Turn Signal Issue

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    '03 650 CS Turn Signal Issue

    All stock, no farkle / bling

    Switch on for right turn: both front / rear turn lights flash normal and normal flash from indicator at instrument cluster.
    Switch on for left turn : both front / rear on BOTH sides flash normal speed but no indicator flash at instrument cluster.
    Removed lamps from right signals, still no indicator at cluster and obviously no right signals flashing.

    I have not disconnected right side wire at switch yet or at connector behind triple tree but will try this tomorrow.

    Any thoughts????? Bad switch?

    Buzz ( Lightyear )

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    03 650CS Turn Signal Issue

    Traced problem to left side diode for signal / hazard flashers

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    Nice job.
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    Diode value

    Anyone know the specs / ratings for these diodes? They are the gray plastic housed units. Current OEM list price is $45 & change

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    Diode / Turn Signal

    Original diode is a “BYV27-200” rated at 200V -2A
    Found one rated just over @ local brick & mortar retail for under $2.00
    Many online for pennies.
    Now to go ride....

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