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Thread: The Iron Butt Rally (11,000 miles/11 days)

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    Originally posted by Karol Patzer
    Originally posted by Montana
    The epilog - the banquet:

    Let's not forget Vicki Johnston riding an R1100RT!! Vicki quietly finished in 23rd place and as 1st place woman rider. Quite a feat! Don't know if she had any mechanical problems, but if she did, she certainly overcame them.
    Wish I could have been at the finish to congratulate everyone!

    3 IB Finishes
    Hi Karol, Vicki is a friend of ours, she had a BLAST! I mean a Blast! and cannot wait to do it again, Heck I had a blast just hearing her on the phone and seeing her in Lake city, she stayed in contact with my wife a few times during the rally) She is great people, her and her hubby are a ton of fun to be around, she's got probably the best attitude I have ever seen.

    She said she is going to be competitive next time (Watch out Rob)
    That's just her way of saying she is going to ride it again and have a blast! given the chance.

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    And you think the Ratilan Poster Boy won't (be competitive next time around)??

    Rob Nye
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    Originally posted by Rob Nye
    And you think the Ratilan Poster Boy won't (be competitive next time around)??

    hehehehehe, Ok I can see it now, Rob chasing Vicki, Vicki chasing Rob ect ect, Thing is she has no idea about this yet I'm just a trouble maker hehehehehe, Maybe I could get in and give it a shot, sure sounds like a good time and has raised my interests, The only thing though I know as soon as I mention it to the MRs. she will be the one that gets to go..........

    Tom (the Mrs seems to get her way quite often)

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