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Thread: Seam Sealer

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    Seam Sealer

    Quick questions, while camping during a mild monsoon my tent leaked a bit. I am going to apply seam sealer and scotch guard so which should I use first seam sealer or the scotch guard? 2nd question should tent be setup so rain fly is stretched out when it is re waterproofed or does this make a difference
    Thanks for help

    Realize I could read directions and maybe get answers but I am a guy!

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    Seam sealer first as it won't adhere on a coating of scotch guard..
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    I discovered at the MOA rally in St. Paul, MN a few years back that it does indeed matter if the seam sealer is applied when the tent & rainfly is stretched out. As I recall it began raining quite hard about 0500 Fri or Sat morning. I started getting a drip-drip-drip in the corners. Fortunately, it was a pretty small amount of water and I could easily use my towel to mop up the inleakage.

    Prior to the rally I set the tent up on my deck using only the tent poles for support. No pegs pulling everything tight as this would have entailed setting the tent up in the freshly mowed lawn and the tent and ground cover would have gotten a bit messy. So I took the easy path with tent poles only on the deck. Seam sealer applied and allowed to dry. Tent repacked until rally time.

    At the rally the tent is set up using the poles and pegs, all stretched tight - and opening up small holes about the stitching that didn't get seam sealed. All was well until the big rains came. Lesson learned... YMMV

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