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Thread: 2002 R1150R Brake line replacement

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    2002 R1150R Brake line replacement

    I need to replace the brake lines on the 2002 R1150R, non-abs. I know there's Spiegler, but has anyone tried the Galfer braded lines? Thanks

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    Ordered from Spiegler as I need them soon and they will extend the top line by 1 1/2" for my bar backs. Brian at Spiegler was great to work with over the phone for my order.

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    I know of a couple of cases where Galfer didn't send the right lines, but that was long ago...
    Spiegler includes a little tool (if/when req'd) to position the upper line in a "relaxed" rotation before/during tightening it down.

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    I would not use Galfer lines ever again. Too many problems and the biggest one is the ends are not adjustable to do that final tuning of the fit. As stated the Spiegler lines are adjustable so you can use the provided tool to tweak the ends and make them fit such that there is no stress on the teflon lines themselves. That alone is reason enough to use Spiegler even if they cost a bit more they are well worth it.

    Also, I've had a Galfer line leak due to maladjustment and I have never had a problem with Spieglers. Many of our resident vendors recommend Spiegler these days.
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    ++ Spiegler. I managed to muck mine up and it failed a few years after the install. They sent a replacement at no cost to me even though it was determined I was at fault. It's rare these days that this type of awesome product support exists.

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    Spiegler all the way, I've done many sets.
    Excellent customer service.
    Fit first time, every time. No surprises.
    Ufda happens..........

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