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...Fund her if you so wish, but judging her decision-making 'logic' doesn't make you a bad person. It's a thought-process that forms the basis for common sense.
Greenwald made a number of good points in his post. But one that had been running through my mind was the phrase, "Common sense is not common."

I have gone on a number of international mission trips in the past few years. i try to use situational awareness and common sense. I've learned that not everyone does, including those you think would. I was going through an area in Dar es Salaam with a friend. We're walking through an area with a lot of businesses in what you might think of as single car garages. I'm watching as two men in their 20s get into a fight and I'm looking for ways to avoid the fight. A local Imam broke the fight up before we got close and everyone but 3 very tall young men went off to the local mosque. The area is deserted now, except for those three men. We walked on by while the three men are watching us. I mention to my friend that perhaps we should go over to the main road on the way back. "Why?", he asks. He's totally oblivious to what has just happened. We're in a deserted area with young men who stand probably at least a foot taller than us, and are much younger. The US State Department has warnings about kidnappings in the city and about how you don't even take taxis, except under certain situations. In fact, the US government doesn't even let their people travel from city to city on the roads. They fly and aren't allowed to travel at night. We're vulnerable and in a potentially hazardous situation, and he doesn't see it at all. Common sense, is not common.