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Thread: 2011 R1200RT worn front wheel spacer

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    From BMW DVD repair manual for 2010 to 2013RT:

    Bottom rear strut bolt torque 58Nm.
    Top rear strut bolt bolt torque 50Nm.

    It states thread locking "243 medium" and bottom and thread locking "mechanical" on top. I used blue like Lee says.

    (New to me) 2010 R1200RT after HD Electra Glides for 35 years

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    As I remember, the FSM also says to replace the upper nut, but I don't know of anyone flying off into the weeds for failing to do so.
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    Welcome Aboard Bill!

    Welcome Bill you convert!
    You started a great thread as you can see, we are all wrenchers of some sort or another.
    As you prepare to meet the rest of the family in Des Moines, IA, you will see that our forums threads liven' up quite a bit because we take preparedness very seriously! I'm more of a rider than a wrencher, I'll leave that to the professionals.
    Never had a spacer wear unevenly on 20K miles on my 2010, R1200RT, second owner. Don't forget to check the torque setting on your pinch bolts!
    Good luck with your travels and hopefully we'll see you out there some time soon!
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