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Thread: A True Bigger Mans Riding Jacket

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    A True Bigger Mans Riding Jacket

    Can anyone out there steer me to a site that does carry US standard sizes. I have been on a lot of site over the last week looking for a riding jacket but it seems they all fall into the European mode of sizing. Thanks!

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    Check out Motoport gear, any size you want, custom made. Gets 5stars, just stay away from hi-viz as it fades

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    Leather? Textile?

    I'll second Motoport for textile jackets. I'm a huge fan of theirs. I especially like a removable waterproof liner. I have the Ultra 2 and think it's one of the best jackets I've ever had. The armor fits well, and the jacket without the liner flows a great deal of air, I saturate an LD comfort shirt and can ride in temps over 100 with little discomfort. With the windproof liner, a lightweight fleece top and my old faithful Widder vest and arm chaps and I'm good down into the teens. With the waterproof liner, I've ridden all day in downpours and been dry from wrist to bellybutton. Don't recommend the hi vis as it fades terrible and gets very dirty and even with repeated washings wont come clean, gives me that gnarly biker look, which my wife finds very Unappealing and reminds me often.

    For leather I don't think you can beat Vanson competition weight jackets. I've got one that just wont die. I've put on enough weight that my belly has stress the lower zipper but the jacket wears like iron, I've slept in it, partied in it and a couple of other things that don't need mention. It's more comfortable now that my old boat shoes.

    Good luck, it's a hard thing finding the right jacket, good luck with your search.
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    Olympia Motosports products seem to be cut for "American" sizes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lkraus View Post
    Olympia Motosports products seem to be cut for "American" sizes.
    I had to exchange one of the recent on sale Ranger Jackets for one size up from everything else I buy. Was no big deal because retailer had brick and mortar store close by and there was no return shipping charge. So they are close to my American big AND tall size. The one size up I recommend. Nice jacket at nice price by the way, thanks daboo...............

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    Don't ignore jackets from Aerostich either. They do custom work and alterations in addition to a large range of standard sizes. Good stuff.

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    My Klim gear fits sensibly and has been solid in all conditions I’ve subjected it to.

    Talking leather, depending what you want for style Langlitz is some rock solid history still family owned since 1947. My heavy weight pants & jacket custom fitted and hand built for me in ‘93 still fit well and will easily outlast me. I did have the jacket zipper replaced but it failed due to user error.

    And like the Vanson fan before me mine has stories to tell like when I put an elbow through a car window in an accident, has been covered in Beer many times and also has a few unmentionable memories with dear friends. Just like him mine too fits my body like a second skin.

    Happy hunting
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    Quote Originally Posted by t6pilot View Post
    Check out Motoport gear, any size you want, custom made. Gets 5stars, just stay away from hi-viz as it fades

    I'm not a big guy but they took my measurements and produced a riding suit that was an excellent fit for me in 2007. After about 210,000 kms, it still looks good (OK a little faded) but it still fits me (they made the pants with an adjustable waistband) and the Kevlar and armour did the job when I went for a deep gravel slide at 30 mph.
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    British Motorcycle Gear

    I have several of their jackets and pants. Pretty good stuff for the price and their customer service rep, Paul, is terrific.
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