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Thread: bar end mirrirs for my /6

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    bar end mirrirs for my /6

    Greetings ALL
    I want to remove my stock mirrors and install bar end type on my 1975 R75/6 (slowly turning into a café racer) So who has used them and what make/model is best to use and/or vibrates the least. OR is it a bad idea to do

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    bar end mrrors

    I have them on all my bikes except the RS, mostly Napolean (sp?) brand, and a few Stadium brand units, and I love them. They give a good view of traffic behind me, are adjustable for height and width and also act as "feeler gauges". If the mirrors fit through the opening, so will my body and the bags.

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    A couple of older threads:

    Vech at Bench Mark Works sells some bar end mirrors although they might be used on /2 bikes. They're either Albert or Bumm mirrors.
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    These are the ones I have on my /7. Just the cheap ones off ebay/amazon. I think they are $20 roughly for the set. I've never had any issue with vibration or moving around as long as they are installed correct and tight. Plus I won't feel bad losing one if I drop my bike. Even have a slight convex lense so you can widen your view.

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    I put bar end mirrors on all my bikes. I was probably the only person on the planet who used bar ends on a R1200GS. In my experience, there are a couple of things to look at:
    1) The mounting. Some mirrors have expanding rubber plugs. I have found these to be inadequate and the aiming of the mirrors can **** as they rotate. I greatly prefer mounts made of metal with sliding wedges that lock the mirrors in place.
    2) Folding mounts are highly desirable.
    3) Larger is better than smaller
    4) Consider the shape and length of the stalks. If the mirrors are mounted too low, it can take too long to check them in traffic.

    I have used Stadium, CRG, Napoleon and Rizoma. Stadiums were great but they are off the market. The same design seems to be made by Halcyon. The CRG folding mirrors are excellent quality and have solid mounts but they are a bit small. The old Napoleons were nice except for the rubber mounting plugs. They were unavailable for a while and I'm not sure that the current mirrors are the same design. Rizomas are nice quality, but they don't fold.
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    I had Stadium bar ends on my /5 for years; they finally (after 40+ years) got too ratty to live with.

    I replaced them with Halcyon 820 mirrors; virtually identical to the Stadiums, all stainless steel, and excellent quality... and a little pricey.

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    Bar end mirrors

    Bike master. Bought em cheap from a small shop 7 years ago
    They work for me. (they are small, and didn't think they would *)
    One failed about a year after a tip over.
    Got a replacement pair from Cycle Gear.

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    A supplier for the Napoleon mirrors is attached, he also carries the rubber bits for the clamp in case you find a used set without correct rubber insert.
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    Napoleons are on eBay for $45/pr. I used them years ago on a 90S, and they worked fine.

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