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Thread: burnt luggage on the muffler

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    burnt luggage on the muffler

    Greetings ALL
    Yes I forgot rule 1.. Function over style...On my way to last weekends Gathering of the Clan in NC.. I secured my Chase Harper bags under my new café seat instead of over it. I did look and the bags weren't touching BUT I guess my big belly and a few road bump allowed contact and it was game on. The burn mark on both sides is about 9 inches long and 4 across. Nice pretty ovals . So my question, YES there is a question once you all stop laughing, how do I remove the stuff (mixture of nylon and plastic) Yea burnt all the way through. My newest Aithead T has a half dozen burn holes OR looks ever better, depending on the opinion. As always thanks in advance.

    Tom Casey
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    I think we need pictures to accurately assess your current situation.

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    Spray on oven cleaner.

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    burnt luggage

    Go to any Harley event. There is always somebody there with a heavy duty sewing machine to stich your latest "F@#k You" patch to your jacket/vest. They should be able to stich some sort of patch (canvas or FU, your choice) to cover the burn holes. Good luck.

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    Burnt luggage

    You should have gone to the Illinois airhead Campout in Pontiac Illinois last weekend instead, the rain would have protected your bags
    P.S. Lots of very nice sidecar people at same Campout

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    +2 on the "Easy Off" oven cleaner. No joke it works!

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    Burnt luggage

    Here's what is happening Ron at Chase Harper is allowing me to return my damaged bags and buy a NEW set at half price
    This is Great..

    Tom Casey (older and sadly NOT much wiser)

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